University of Rochester

ASE Application Fee Waiver

The programs listed below are eligible for an application fee waiver. After reviewing the list of eligible programs, scroll down this page to complete the application fee waiver form. After completing the form you will be directed to the application website. 

Biology (MS, PhD)

Biomedical engineering (MS, PhD)

Brain and cognitive sciences (PhD)

Chemical engineering (MS, PhD)

Chemistry (PhD)

Clinical psychology (PhD)

Computational linguistics (MS)

Computer science (MS, PhD)

Data science (MS)

Developmental psychology (PhD)

Economics (PhD)

Electrical engineering (MS, PhD)

English (MA, PhD)

English: Selznick film preservation (MA)

Geosciences (MS, PhD)

History (MA, PhD)

Language documentation and description (MA)

Linguistics (MA, PhD)

Literary translation (MA)

Materials science (MS, PhD)

Mathematics (PhD)

Mechanical engineering (MS, PhD)

Optics (MS, PhD)

Philosophy (MA, PhD)

Physics and astronomy (PhD)

Political science (PhD)

Social-personality psychology (PhD)

Technical entrepreneurship and management (MS)

Visual and cultural studies (PhD)